Moment of the Match 

BJFF is having its very own take on Goal of the month, with MOMENT OF THE MATCH per Quarter.

Managers who have utilised the Clubs VEO Camera will be able to nominate Special moments from the match to the quarterly vote, where our very own players, friends, parents, Coaches and fans will be able to vote.

Moments of the Matches will provide more opportunities, not everyone can score a goal, so world class saves, a defensive masterpiece or midfield genius moments are equally as important and as great goals.

All quarterly winners will receive a prize and then entered into a special 'moment of the season' vote in order to be crown winner at the end of the season..

To nominate a MOM for the quarterly shortlist please complete this form

December 2022 - February 2023


2022 September to November

WINNER - Goal 5 U16 Predators No. 8